Thursday, September 2, 2010


What a summer! I've been so busy I haven't even had time to do much updating on here! I have some fun pics to share though!! Last weekend I bought some summer flowers to put around the house. I got hydrangea's to put in the front of the house and some other plants that are suposed to attract butterflies. Amanda came over to help me plant the flowers and helped take fun pictures!!! We had to dig this crappy ground cover up to put the hydrangea's. They had prickly thorns on them and it was NOT fun!

Next I planted these 'butterfly attracting flowers'. I don't remember what they are called because I put the card in the ground with them. At Lowes (where I got them) there were TONS of butterflies all over them! I've noticed them all over the neighborhood now that I have them!

I also bought two 'Nanho Purple Butterfly Bushes'. These things are AWESOME! There were at least 5 butterflies sitting on them WHILE I was moving them around the house trying to figure out where to put them. My favorite was this yellow butterfly you see below. I cannot WAIT for next summer to see the butterfly bushes in full force!! CAN'T WAIT!!!
Kahlua helped of course! She layed on the front porch and then tested the water to make sure it was good enough for the flowers!

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  1. YAYYY!!! I love these flowers!! They are so gorgeous!!! I may have to get some of those names next summer when I want stuff to put around our deck (but we'll have to build that first).