Saturday, August 14, 2010


So this is a few weeks late, but things have been NUTS around here!! Kahlua's doing fabulous and is up walking around, climbing on furnature, and back to ripping things up around the house again.. It's good to have her back.. lol I thought she had just outgrown some of her puppy destructive behaviors.. but no. we realized it was just that she didn't FEEL like ripping up the magazine laying on the floor.. that is of course until now.. But anyway.. BIG NEWS!! I'm ENGAGED!!! WOOHOOOO Kevin proposed on his birthday July 29 and we're planning on a wedding September 2011. Sunflowers are the flower and possibly theme of the wedding. No idea what colors we'll have, but I'm sure I'll find something in all the magazines I've gotten so far. My sister is super excited about planning the shower and bridal party and I have a feeling Amanda had my party planned years ago and is just now getting to pull out all her plans. As for the proposal, I had no clue he was going to do it even though I should have had every reason to think he would that day. Since it was Kevin's birthday that day we had plans to go downtown to eat at St. Elmo's Steakhouse and then see a comedy show at Crackers comedy club. He was suposed to pick me up at 5pm at my job. At 5pm he called and said he was running late and would be there at 5:30. I'm thinking ... "we're not going to make our 6pm reservation".. So 5:30 comes and he calls and says "Cookie (my nickname hense the blog name) ... Cookie I locked my keys in my car.. " Now I have his spare key to his car in my purse so I asked where he was and he said "At the Keystone mall.. at Reis Nichol's".. Now for anyone who doens't live in Indy.. Reis Nichol is THE BEST jewelry store in town.. AND my friend works there and told me to tell him to come in to pick out a ring for me.. SOOO I'm thinking .. hmmm why would he be there on his birthday. I excidedly drive over to Reis and find Kevin in the parking lot looking defeated.. Give him his spare, park my car and switch to his..
On the drive downtown to St. Elmo's I ask.. "SO, what were you doing at Reis Nichol's Kevin?" and he says. "oh come on angie, i know your mom told you.. she can't keep a secret".. My mom?? What does my mom have anything to do with this I say and the cat was out of the bag.. however.. I thought he had just bought the ring and would be getting it some time in the next week or two.. silly me. So we go to dinner, comedy show and then back to pick up my car. On my drive home I text some friends "not gonna happen tonight.
When we get home I went inside first... and there were the little battery candles set up ALL OVER the downstairs and up the stairway surrounded by rose petals EVERYWHERE!!! THIS is when he proposed!!! GOt down on one knee and everything!!
Aparently he had put the ring under the spare tire in his car and set the keys down while he did that and shut the trunk.. he didn't mean to do it at all.. so unfourtunately for him, i found out he bought the ring, but had no clue that he HAD the ring!!!! He had called my parents beforehand and that's why he thought I already knew!!!! lol

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  1. Oh I have plans for your shower/bach party too!! SOOOO EXCITED!!! =D And I got that "not gonna happen tonight" text a few hours later from a phone call screaming that Kev went to Reis Nichols. Haha. Then around midnight or something I get a picture of the ring!! WOOHOO!!! I'm glad he was still able to surprise you.