Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking out the window.. probably watching the neighbor's husky!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's a rough life...

Where's the water?

One of Kahlua's favorite places!

No one's happy

Kevin sent me this picture on his phone one day after we got Kahlua. She was about 10 weeks old. Penny the cat wanted outside and Kahlua wanted inside! No one was happy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Naughty Newfoundland

Today is my first post and I would like to write about my dog Kahlua. She is a 12 month old Newfoundland and is getting into quite a bit of trouble lately in the house. She is now 142 pounds and to get anything she wants off the counter in the kitchen. On one hand this helps me keep a cleaner kitchen, but on the other hand it also allows her to eat and destry anything her heart desires (if it's accidently left out).

Example 1. The cracked nuts...
One night 2 weeks ago a large brown stair appeared on the carpet along with a shredded zip lock bag. Although we tried to figure out what had been in the bag no one could remember or think of anything that she could have eaten. The brown stain was VERY hard to get out of the carpet and i had no clue what it was. About a week ago I remembered some walnuts my boyfriends grandmother had given us and when I went to get them and couldn't find them anywhere realized what Kahlua had eaten. I was shocked at how much she had because there was at least 3 cups in that bag! I spent an hour Sunday night trying to scrub the floors clean.... with not alot of luck.

Example 2. Monster vs. the heavy duty expensive metal trash can
I think we all know where this is going... Kahlua FINALLY learned how to push the trash lid up and get anything her heart desires out of the trash can. I wasn't there to see the aftermath.. Kevin cleaned everything up before I got home, but I could definitely see part of the moldy half and half she had drug out of the trash all over the newly scrubbed carpet... on top of the walnuts of course. Once again... on the floor.. hands and knees... scrubbing...
Example 3. Iced
After a full up close and personal inspection of the kitchen I decided to give Kahlua one more chance at freedom from her crate last night. I honestly didn't think there was ANYTHING she could get. Somehow i missed the container of vanilla icing for my cupcakes. I don't even remember it being left out.. I thought I had put it on top of the refrigerator! Aparently I did not.. The tub was empty and shredded with a proud looking puppy sitting goofily beside it.. I've been defeated!