Friday, June 18, 2010

6 weeks after TPLO!!

WOOHOOOO!!! We've made it 6 weeks since Kahlua had to have her TPLO surgery! She's doing awesome. Still a little slow getting up since the left knee isn't so great, but doing great! She lunged after Sadie for the first time in MONTHS! Although Sadie didn't care for the action I was THRILLED to see she could move that fast again! Since that moment we've been reteaching her to 'STAY' and leave Sadie alone. I'm happy to report they are able to remain in the same room together and now get inches away from each other without Sadie wanting to rip Kahlua to pieces. She's one tough kitty! I am on a computer other than my laptop so I will only be able to post pictures of Kahlua that I've saved in my 'Photobucket' site. ENJOY!!!!!

Laying oh so comfortably!
Sadie looking to see if it's safe
Kahlua saying "see we are friends"
Can I have more food please???