Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 1 post TPLO

This morning we were able to go pick up Kahlua. They showed us the X-ray of what they did and then also showed us an x-ray of her hips and said she has 'beautiful' hips! They went over the do's and don't, but really I think we already most everything just from all the research we did beforehand. They brought her out with an XL sling very similar to what my co-worker gave me.. only bigger. She did great walking out into the hall and then when she saw us she decided that was where she needed to lay as flat on the ground as possible! The vet techs gave her kisses goodbye and 3 of them lifted her into the back of my car.
Above is the leg. They shaved the right leg and you can see a little white patch where there is a bandage. Tonight we are suposed to remove the bandage. Her front paw is missing some fur from the IV they had in her.
Remember that potty box we made her?? Well we went to take her out today for the first shot at using the box. Rather than using it to potty she decided it would make a fabulous bed and layed down in it and would NOT get up. She had a great time smelling and eating the grass. Defeated we learned how to pull her weight up and help her off the porch and onto the grass.. what a defeat! The blue thing under her is the new sling that was part of the overall bill I'm sure!
I've been giving her applesauce pops that I made up for her. We'll try solid food later tonight before we give her the meds they gave us.

All in all things are going GREAT for her first day. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I'm feeling good about things. We have her confined to a small area of a side room with a fan on her and one of us is almost always in the room with her.


  1. I can see what is going through her head in that grassy/bed picture .. "nom nom nom" =P Hehe. I am so glad she is still her normal self and doing really well!!! She is so resiliant.

  2. Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope we can be great friends. I see you got an ouchie. I hope you are feeling better very soon! Look forward to hearing from you again! Later....