Monday, May 10, 2010

6 days after surgery

Kahlua has been doing great with her recovery. She absolutely hated the plastic collar so we ordered a 'cozy collar' on Petco's website. I bought a Large, but it was way too small.

Here is a pic of her Cozy Collar

These are the yummy applesauce pops Kahlua gets to have! I also have been filling a second tray with plain yogurt for yogurt freezies. YUMM!Here is an update of the knee as of 5.6.10. The red is bruising. The pinched area is where the staples are. She's doing amazingly well. We use the big sling to help support most of her weight when we take her out, but she keeps wanting to put weight on the leg.

Kahlua also got her FIRST LETTER in the mail last week! Her buddy Cato sent her a treat card to nibble on while healing from surgery!! She was VERY excited (as you can see from her sad face pictures)..


  1. YAY!!! I am so excited she loved the card! It says "Sit, Stay, Heal" which is perfect. And her face does look sad with the collars on, poor girl. I am so happy she is doing well!!! =)

  2. Looks like she is doing well. So she left the party with the lampshade on her head too? My they do have some wild parties at those vet offices....

  3. Glad Kahlua is doing well.