Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Surgery Day

Kahlua had her surgery this morning. The orthopedic surgeon called me around noon and left a message that everything went fine with the surgery and we could pick her up tomorrow morning around 10am. He would like to go over the Do's and Dont's with us. Wants us to take any medications or anything we give her in so he can see what she'll be taking. I called back because I'm nervous and had to hear for myself that she's doing ok and they said she's fine and that we'd get pain meds tomorrow when we leave. I'm so so so glad everything went well and now I think the hardest part is going to be helping her recover from this surgery. I felt terrible for her this morning when we were going about our normal routines getting ready and her just looking at us like "umm.. hey.. guys.. you have forgotten to FEED ME.." Poor thing! I made frozen applesauce treats to give her if she isn't feeling up to eating and I'm also going to make some yogurt pops for her. A co-worker gave me a sling to borrow from when their dog had surgery and Kevin told me that he was told we'd be getting one from the vet also.. I'll take all the slings I can to help lift our 150 pound dog! She was on a diet this last month and ended up gaining 10 pounds because of her inactivity. Really made me realize how active we really do keep her! Here is one last pic before we took her in this morning!

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  1. Awww! I wanna see her!!! I miss her so much! She looks so sad in the picture but I know she doesn't realize that after this surgery she will feel so much better and stronger too!! =)