Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home at last!

Yesterday we adopted a lovely little Newfoundland to join our family!  She is 6 years old and much smaller than Kahlua.  She is one of the South Central Newfoundland's Clubs rescue dogs.  We first met her at a Christmas tree farm in early December and I fell in love! It took a little while to get her, but she was well worth the weight.  As many people know our current 3 year old Newfie Kahlua is a big girl!  She's often mistaken for a male newfie because of how tall and big she is, but this new girl is much smaller.  While Kahlua weighs in at 140 pounds our new Julie (Jewels) is only about 85 pounds!  When she was rescued she was very underweight and I think she could still gain about 5 pounds, but we will see what the vet says.  We drove 3 hours south to get her and she and Kahlua slept in the back of the car the whole drive home!  Since arriving home it's clear she doesn't know many commands, but I think Kahlua is serving as a great role model as we are remaining patient with her.   Her is a picture I took of them last night.  I am sure I will have many updates to come!!!

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  1. SO EXCITED TO MEET HER!!! She's adorable! Sounds like she is Cato's age and size too! Took him to the vet today and he was 88lbs (up from 83..). :)