Sunday, May 30, 2010

25 days post TPLO

This past week was Kahlua's first week to get to come hang out in the living room while I was doing some baking. At one point she was up doing a little walking around chasing her 'Busy Buddy' around with some snacks in it. I limited that though because I wasn't sure how much she should be up walking around. The right leg is doing great recovering, but the left leg is really showing how much it's struggling. You can definitely tell how excited she was with this next picture!

Here is the latest on the right leg. It's looking awesome!!!! We've also been able to get her weight down a little. We've still got about 10-15 pounds to take off though.
Here is Miss Sexy Saidie. She was entertained yesterday by the fish and thought I'd snap a pic of her and add her to the blog!


  1. Sounds like things are going better! Take care, my friend! Did kitty get any fishies?

  2. Glad Kahlua is doing better. I miss my Sadie cat :( Glad she's doing well too. Will she tolerate Kahlua at all yet?

  3. Luckily the fishies are safe!! Saidie is really starting to come around with Kahlua. The surgery has helped limit Kahlua investigating the cat and it's helped Sadie become more comfortable with roaming the house as she pleases!