Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad News Bears

Recently I noticed Kahlua was having trouble getting up off the floor. She was having the most trouble when she was laying on the laminate floor, but I felt she was having similar problems getting up while laying on the carpet. I took a vacation day and took her into the vet to see what was going on. She's only 15 months old so she shouldn't be having health problems now right?? Wrong! Her cruciate ligament (ACL in humans) is tearing in her two back legs... The vet sent us to an orthopedic doctor for more information and x-rays. He doesn't want to operate on her yet because he doesn't want to fix something that isn't broken yet. SO.. we are left with "Conservative Management". This means no play dates, no running, no jumping, no having to much fun, and NO SLIPPERY FLOORS (i.e. .... the kitchen). Worst case senario her ligament tears completely and we get a TTA or TPLO.. both are not cheap, but what we'll face if it happens.. It's been a rough week learning about all of this and trying to figure out what the best plan of action should be.... not a fun time right now!

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  1. Poor baby. I hope she manages to stay safe. :(