Friday, February 19, 2010

Vacation Days!

This week I took Thursday and Friday off for vacation days! I've been working ALOT and doing alot of OT so these days were MUCH needed! I've been staying up late watching the Olympics and got in some doctor apts. Today I slept in until NOON and it felt fabulous! Kevin and I took Kahlua out to play in the snow and Kevin built a snowman!! The snow is Kahlua's most favorite thing in the world!!! Here are pics of our fun snow day!

Looking good, but now he needs a face and arms.
Perfect! Now he's complete!You can't really see the snowman's arms... but he has some! I don't think Kevin realized he could ZOOM in to see me better in the picture!! OH WELL!!! Fun times!!! When we took a walk we passed some guys putting siding up on a house and one of them yelled "that thing has more fur than my sheep at home!!! HAHAHA I'm sure it's true though because I know I vaccum up ALOT of dog hair alll week!
I had Kahlua pose with our wooden deer out front. Kevin's dad came over one weekend and brought this lovely deer with him. He makes them and sells them and they're super cute, but I'm not quite sure what we'll do with it once the snow melts!

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